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Petsvet was great. As a new resident to Arizona, I relied on the Yelp and Google reviews and this place did not disappoint. Its a little country veterinarian that really cares about your pets. From the receptionist to the vets themselves, your pets are in good hands.

The prices are great too. My two dogs has their teeth cleaned and it went really smoothly. They both did well because of the care they got at PetsVet.

Suzie H.

Our dog was in immense pain and after a trip to an emergency pet hospital in the middle of the night we found out she needed major surgery. We called Dr. Lorna Lanman’s emergency after hour number and she answered. We told her our situation. She immediately arranged her team and saved our girl. I might add this was on a Sunday.

The love and care of this practice goes beyond just basics care of animals. We highly recommend them for all your pets needs!

Thank you from the Sasso’s

Brenda S.

Dr. Lanman is the most caring Vet I have ever encountered and she never stops studying and learning.. She carefully evaluates your pet and recommends meds and diet for better health. She is always booked solid with appointments and still manages to work in emergencies. She even phones you after hours to check on your pet. One can’t help but love her. Even though she works a 12 to 16 hour day, she has the appearance that, as she greets you, her day just began with you and your pet. Although she has an unbelievable schedule, she find times to donate her education and skill to worthy causes. This Vet is truly amazing!
Marty G.

Dr. Lanman and her staff are so kind and have taken great care of our furry family over the last 2 years. We recently had to say goodbye to one of our dogs and they did everything they could to make him comfortable towards the end. They truly care and I appreciate each and every one of them.
Danica B.

So about 4 months ago my father’s 3lb Chihuahua got picked up by a predator bird of some sort and suffered large talon punctures in his abdomen and also suffered a flail chest (adjascent broken ribs causing lungs to expand outside of normally chest cavity range). He was very near death and could not move, we could not touch him without him screaming in pain. Whatever picked him up must have dropped him from high in the air which must have caused the ribs breaking. I called about 10 vet clinics and they all denied seeing him and said I would have to go to an emergency vet and spend several thousand of dollars to have him seen. This place offered to look at him about 15 minutes after I got off the phone with them. They immediately took him back and got him feeling better and bandaged up the best they could. I followed up with their recommendations of antibiotics and several other medications and re-bandaging for about 3 months. I am happy to say the little guy pulled through and is happy and healthy today! I can’t thank these people enough! They are an AMAZING facility and I WILL be bringing all my future animals to them because of their compassion they showed my father’s dog. They truly care for your animal and are not just looking to take your money. Highly recommend!
Alexyia M.

Took one of my babies in for acl surgery. I was so worried that they went out of their way to schedule him asap. They are so busy but treat everyone like they’re the only patient. I love that they practice holistic medicine too.
Highly recommend!!! Everyone truly cares about our fur babies. Great staff. Bruno is doing amazing!!!
Elodia F.