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Pet Food Allergy Testing

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Pet Food Allergy Testing in Surprise, AZ.

Just as humans can develop allergic reactions to environmental elements, so too can our pets. While we cannot cure your pet’s allergy, there are ways to effectively manage and relieve allergy symptoms.

Pet allergies are a common problem, but symptoms associated with animal allergies can also be an indication of more serious pet health conditions. When necessary, our veterinary staff will perform blood work and other tests to determine the cause of your pet’s discomfort.

Allergies are the outcome of a shift in the immune system that causes a natural substance to be mistaken for a foreign material attacking the body. When your pet’s immune system is triggered to combat a perceived foreign substance, it generates inflammation, which results in allergy symptoms.

Itchy skin is the most common allergic reaction in pets, although other symptoms include oral nodules, lip ulcers in cats, and recurring ear infections in dogs. Continuous scratching or licking, as well as biting, gnawing, or rubbing a part of their body, are common allergy symptoms in dogs and cats.

Because pet allergies can be caused by a variety of circumstances, our skilled team will rely on both discussions with you and test findings to determine the origin of your pet’s symptoms. Pet allergies are rarely fatal, but they can significantly affect your pet’s comfort and quality of life. Fortunately, they’re treatable, and your pet can get back to normal.